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Some real world scenario's and their Solutions.

These pictures and the examples below portray just a small sample of some the screwy problems some clients have presented to us. Be it a swimming pool, retaining wall, garden path, over sized fish pond, flying trapeze, drive way extension into solid rock....all of these challenges make our job just that bit more satisfying and enjoyable.


'I want to build a garage under my house'


This project took place over a month during the peak of summer at Greenwith. It involved digging out approximately 150 tons of rock, shale and soil from under the footings of a split level brick veneer house. After getting over the initial 'you've gotta be kidding' we made it happen. This project could only go ahead provided that the home's senior management had the bathroom and kitchen done first to an acceptable standard before any more room could be made for more boy toys. It was absolutely imperiative that at no times could a machine strike the walls, roof, pillars, footings, plumbing while the whole time manouvering a rock breaker 2 metres up a rock wall to clear it away, carefully bit by bit. I was doing another quote a couple of years ago across the road and the customer called out hello and to come across and see the finished results which I had never seen.


'I want to install a concrete pool, plus an extension. Oh yeah, it's only 760mm wide access'


This one was a property in Prospect, the only way in involved removing the storm water down pipes to enable the machines to run along the brick wall of the house with their wheels carefully running along the edge of the concrete sleeper retaining wall. The total amount of soil removed exceeded 180 tons, yes it was stressful, my worry beads got a working over, and the logistics were awful with only limited parking and storage room for stockpiling the materials to keep the trucks moving. Just getting the machinery out once completed took a couple of hours.


'I am sick of my backyard, please do something!'


This was at a unit in Warradale. The photos are in the display above, it was a very tight squeeze! Through the back of the garage, into the laundry and then with my 3 arms open the door, and get the machine down the steps into the back yard while not hurting myself making the doorway wider......


'It shouldn't be too hard, it's only footings at Semaphore'


We received the plans via email with only a small explanatory note. When we called past to have a look, we were confronted with footings that need to be dug on top of a 4m tall wall with the only access via a sandy gap between the brush fence and this enormous masonry wall.

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