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We have many years of experience in the construction business. We started our business in 2003, always aiming to provide superior customer service, using innovative solutions to what to has been over the years an amazing variety and admittedly oddball range of challenges. Fortunately, or that can be debateable at times we have a lot of trouble saying 'no, that can't be done'! As many of our regular customers know, Dianne and myself like a laugh and enjoy working with our customers, drinking their coffee and eating their biscuits. Hint, hint! This is just a little test to see who actually reads the fine print. This is why we can be hard to get on a weekend....

Excavator through house
760mm access beside house
Digging out for moss rocks
Terracing a back yard
Our Vision.


We are a business which proudly maintains the old fashioned values of honour and integrity in every area of our business. We strive to deliver every project on time and on budget.

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