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Footings excavation
Dig footings for house foundation

Are you building a new house extension or garage that really is going to be a studio?


​Building a house extension quite often works out harder that just simply building a whole new house! If you compared the amount of grey hair on those people who have extended compared to those who built new you will understand where I'm coming from! The typical problems are limited access, trenches that run right alongside the back wall of the existing structure, plumbing that's in the way plus a fence just cannot be allowed to be damaged as the nosey neighbor is creating grief over the inconvenience happening next to their house which has remained the same for the last 40 years......

Even if you haven't spoken to the council yet, call for a chat just to get some understanding of the process and what is required to make your project happen.

Dig trench for irrigation service

In this modern world, we need to bury everything!


So for example you've purchased that new airconditioner, which you have now discovered needs three phase power
and that sweet cottage that you have been lovingly restoring for the last few years only has single phase power and the
next thing little shock is that due to the location of the meter board, SA Power, Electranet etc don't like it and want the whole thing replaced including the overhead power supply.....well you need a trench!​ So be it digging a simple trench from the back of your house out to the new garage, or a three hundred metre one to get power out to the bore, give me a call.

Generally a Dingo chain trencher is used for the simple ones, but if there are existing services such as what you find along a footpath then an excavator is used. This takes a little longer but is much safer in terms of not damaging existing infrastructure.

Post hole boring.
Tilt up panel support hole

I don't keep holes in stock, so when you need a fence built, a retaining wall constructed, some piers to stop your house blowing away, a location for your new flag pole or even footings to hold up your new flying trapeze ( I'm not kidding! ) We can come and dig your very own customised hole! The range of sizes catered for are 200mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm through to 760mm diameter down to a depth of 4 metres. Either an auger drive fitted to a Dingo mini loader or an auger drive fitted to a 1.7 ton or 1 ton excavator means that your holes can be dug in a variety of situations varying from easy to the side of a mountain territory. To get a Dingo or 1 tonner into the job location we need a minimum gap of 760mm. There is no 'typical job' in our world, projects range from a single hole for a flag pole, to hundreds of holes for a new stand of glass houses. Give me a call for help in working out how to solve your particular problem.






Tight access earth moving.
Dingo into back yard

See.....they are not always easy!


We have a Dingo mini loader, Bobcat S450 skid steer, Bobcat E10 1 tonne excavator, Kubota 1.7 tonne excavator, motorised wheel barrow and more. Your job might be just a single truck load of soil that needs to be moved or it might be ten! Our strength is our versatility. The number of customers who have moved into their new home a few months earlier and they are too scared to open the curtains as to see what their back yard looks like. Well be pleased to learn, that it's not impossible. Trust me when I say that we have seen some horrors! So if you want to go from an undulating site with the weeds peeking over the neighbour's fence to a laser levelled base prepared for paving with the correct falls to allow for water run off flowing into a rotary hoed, composted and prepared for new garden and lawn. Give us a call!

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