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Adelaide's Finest!

We are calling it a day!

For 20 years we have been digging, carting, fixing, levelling and yes occasionally buggering things up! But we are finally retiring before our aging bodies finally say ENOUGH. So on behalf of Dianne and myself, I offer a heartfelt thankyou to the hundreds of builders, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, concreters, pool builders, home owners, developers who have supported us over the years. There are a few we've known right from the beginning, a couple have passed away over the years and a few more have beaten us to retirement.... Roger, Rick, Scott, Michael, Steve and a few others I've forgotten.

I drove down South Rd in the truck the other week to help Di out on one of the last jobs. As you can imagine the joy of doing that drive sealed it for me that I've made the right decision!

If you want to know where I'm going to finish off my working life, click on the link below. Most of my regulars know what I get up to in my spare time, well now I'm getting paid to do it. If you want to waste some time, come out to the airfield at Gawler, where we can sit out on the deck over a beer, talk some crap and solve the problems of the crazy world that we live in. If you are interested, I'll even take you up for a buzz....before we have that beer!

Who we are.
Richard with some of the equipment

Welcome to Adelaide Dial a Dingo. We are a small family run business that specialises in the difficult, hard to get into and technically challenging projects that other companies just shake their heads at. Don't worry if​ your project is an easy one though, as I like them just as much as the next bloke!

The projects that have been tackled over the last 17 years or so cover a large range both in size and scope. From preparing your site, digging footings for the new house extension, plus the pool as well. Digging down
to expose working water mains, sewer mains, gas mains, communication cables both large and small that have cracked, broken, moved, dug up and blown up! We have prepared countless driveways, pathways, back yards,
front yards, garden beds, pergolas, sheds, car ports and funeral plots.  We have lifted, carried, winched and simply driven through shopping centres, houses, schools, retirement homes, squeezed down numerous alley ways, doorways, archways. Many times it's just simply driving straight down the driveway, but the work is hardly ever boring.​

So, you've got a problem?
Squeeze though a gap in garden bed

Click on the 'more' button for some examples of projects which have been done in the past.


Digging a new sewer for the hospital's admin building under a wall, digging out for a new kitchen for a renovation in an inner city pub, demolishing a brick garage right along side a brand new house, swimming pools in impossible locations, blocks that are hard enough to walk up never mind operating a machine, under pinning a house, cleaning out the monstrosity of a water lilly from a back yard lake. The list is almost endless!

What we do.
Excavate house footings for foundations

Are you building a new house extension or garage that really is going to be a studio? Up to now you haven't been able to find someone who can get into your site and dig those footings?


How about retaining that rock face or crumbling earth wall that you have been looking at now for months, wondering just how you are going to get that retaining wall built.



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